We at OD Funk are very proud of the Panther Creek Brand product line. It includes a variety of metal products that are professionally designed and packaged so that a homeowner can haul it home in the back of a pickup and assemble it themselves. There's no cutting, bending or drilling, simply unpack the carton and begin assembling. With holes pre-punched, and parts included, a novice can walk away with a job well done in a matter of hours.

In addition to do-it-your self carport kits, we also offer storage building kits, patio awning kits and workshop kits. All of the Panther Creek products use the same erector set technology. They are fun and easy projects to put together. To choose the one that is right for you, first ask yourself, what do you want to cover? Is it a sports car, or boat, or more than one vehicle? Or do you want to cover a very tall motor coach?

Once the need is determine the six standard models cover anything from lawn mowers to motor coaches. Standard widths are 10' - 12' - 18' and 24' widths. By adding length and height kits the size selection seems limitless. Incidentally, Length Kits can be retrofitted after the initial installation while Height Kits should be installed when the mainframe is initially assembled.

The assembly process is quite simple. It's a matter of unpacking the carton, one piece at a time, and fastening it to the next piece. The parts slip together; when holes line up insert screws. In no time at all the “Mainframe” will be ready for the roof panels. The roof panels are also pre-punched to match. WARNING-do not anchor the mainframe until the roof panels are screwed in place. This process allows for easy hole alignment.

Panther Creek carports are designed and certified by professional engineers. Each standard model has been certified to withstand a specific wind and snow load. In the event you need engineering calculations to obtain a building permit it is available, at a nominal fee, to send to the codes department. If added loads are required for your area we offer snow and wind load kits that are adequate for most areas.