The company opened its doors for business during 1976.  The 
first factory was a two car garage with dirt floors.  OD’s only 
asset was a hazy vision of what might be and 12 years experience 
bending tin in metal shops.  During this time he served a four 
year apprenticeship watching, listening and doing as told by the 
best craftsmen in the area.  He once said that he never became 
an expert but he knows what experts look like and how they got 
to be one.  (Practice, practice, practice) Little did he know 
the journey he was about to take.

The beginning years were spent walking the neighborhoods and 
talking to homeowners about why they needed the “stuff” he made. 
He usually sold enough “stuff” on the weekends to keep him busy 
the following week.  After knocking on doors for a couple of 
years and meeting everyone in central Arkansas, he ran into a 
fellow that owned a hardware store. The light went on…
Today, Funk Mfg. distributes its products through over 1,000 
stores.  They in turn re-sell them to thousands of homeowners. 
By the end of 2005, Funk Mfg will be distributing its products 
through more than 5,000 outlets. The current 50,000 ft. facility 
will double in size and it will be the source of income to over 
100 people. You too can be part of this overnight success story 
that has taken 25 years to get started.
Over the years we have built quite a number of different 
products, but for the last 10 the focus has been on small 
backyard types of buildings, storage units and carports. Even 
though there are a lot of similar type products in the market, 
the extra value we’ve added is our ability to offer them in a 
low cost do-it yourself kit.  Typically, a customer can be 
finished assembling ours in just a couple of days. They make a 
wonderful project.  We have received thousands of testimonials 
about the great products we build.
Because of the demand, we expect the future to bring more of the 
same.  As more end uses are identified, additional sizes and 
configurations will be in order.