The Motorport is made for the big toys. Perfect for tall and
long RVs. It has a standard side wall height of 7' and a peak 
height of 9'. The Motorport is made  entirely of galvanized 
steel. All holes are pre-punched and is easy to unpack and set 
up. Comes in three colors of: white, tan, and coco.
Standard Motorport comes with a snow load of 40 lbs per sf. 
and a wind load of 90 MPH.  Steel tubing gauge of 14 with roof 
panel gauge of 29. 
Available Add Ons for the Motorport

Height Kits: Raises overall carport: 1 foot,3 feet, or 5 feet 
Side Kits: Covers from top to bottom on the sides.
Length Kits: Lengthens the carport in  55" or 110" inches.
End Kits: Kit includes gable and endwall.
Gable: Adds extra strength to overall frame and makes carport 
look better.
Over Head: Kit for garage door.

call us to order the Motorport or an add on at 501-835-7222